16 September 2007

back to business

We're back from our Art*Play weekend and we had a lot of fun with Kelly but we are EXHAUSTED. Everyone in class made really cool projects and enjoyed themselves. I will have photos to share and a break down of what we did soon. In the meantime thanks again to our goodie bag and raffle sponsors. The participants were delighted with their prizes!

Right before I left for the weekend I finished up this banner for Priscilla at Sweet Remembrance. Its a bit different for me but it suits her.

If you are waiting to hear from me, I will be returning emails early this week and continuing on my "to do" list. My waiting time for design work is approximately 2-3 weeks at this point. I have a few projects that need to go in the mail and will tryt o get all caught up on that this week as well.

Cheers, hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Love the banner. Your production schedule is a true testament to your wonderful talent!

  2. Thank you for a wonderful weekend! I had so much fun and I'm loooking forward to the next Art*Play!!!


  3. Thank you Heather...
    It does suit me!
    Love it...

  4. Can't wait to hear all about it!!