12 September 2007

and back to our regular programming...

Thank you to those who commented yesterday and shared your stories or your blogs. 9-11 will always be a hard day, as it should. It is most unfortunate that my daughter's wonderful pre-school teacher shares her birthday with that tragic day but we celebrated her today.

Now, we will tune back to our regular programming and some amazing eye candy from the fabulous Holly! Check out what I got in the mail today!!!


It's hard to take pix of yourself, but I don't look too terrible so you can actually see my face here.. I am queen for a day! This lovely crown is SO beautiful and full of detail.. vintage flowers, and rhinestone jewelry, lovely ribbon and crepe paper. Holly finishes everything so beautifully. Check out her site to see her lovely Halloween and Autumn crowns.

Cerri has been up to some cuteness too. She is sending us some treats for the Art*Play goodie bags. I spied them on her flickr account and was delighted to see her using the new labels that I designed for her. She makes up a cute package folks!! Check out her shop for more fun treasures. ( Thanks for letting me steal your picture Cerri)

Hmm, what else? I have been running around like crazy with details for Art*Play. We only have one or two seats left and they seem to be filling up. Today we received a BIG treat in the form of a package from Jenny & Aaron! The pair graciously donated one of their fabulous pieces of artwork as our main raffle prize. Thank You sooo much Jenny & Aaron!!

Ok, that is about it for today. I hope to have more to share tomorrow as I pack up goodie bags and things to mail.

Ooops, I forgot to mention that Delila got her new shoppe open! Go check it out!


  1. Wow! Talk about eye candy!!!!! That crown from Holly is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen!!!!! Amazing!

    I ordered a little something from Ceri and her products and packaging are the best!!! I almost wanted to save the address label with that cute little girl on it!!!! So darling!!

    That raffle piece of art is so cool!!! I am off to visit all the blogs of people mentioned here today!!!!

    Can't wait to hear how Art Play goes! Sounds like it will be heaven!!!!

  2. That Holly is definitely the crown master! And it looks so great on you!

  3. Good luck with Art*Play this weekend. Wish I lived closer so I could attend. Will be looking forward to seeing pics.

  4. Very cute picture of you! Hope to see you on Friday!

  5. so many beautiful things...
    love that photo of you - so cute! the crown is wonderful...

    and those little packages of twine are adorable. i am doing something similar as my trade for artfiberfest. so this weekend i will be watching the notre dame football game while winding and winding twine onto clothespins.

    have fun this weekend!!!

  6. Nice eye candy Heather! you look great in your crown! i bought one of Cerri's birds are you are sooo right, her presentation knocked my socks off!

  7. ALl these goodies, such pretty things to share today!! You look beautiful in your crown!

  8. beautiful Crown!! I can vouch for how wonderful Charlotte is. I bought one myself. Sheis so precious. Lucky winner that gets her!

  9. What a beautiful and well made gift! How lucky you are!