17 August 2007


Too many ideas and not enough time. I know its a common problem for artists and parents and it is what I am suffering from now. My To Do list is a mile long and I am approaching that phase where productivity turns to paralyzation. If you are waiting for design work, I am working but a bit slower than my usual speediness. I have tried to pull back a little bit and spend some extra time with the little before she heads off to school. Wednesday we went to 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom with family and had a blast. She was very brave tackling several rides and even petting a snake. It was a wonderful and long day and yes I do have pictures to share when I get them loaded into the computer.

I have been trying to set some time aside for ME projects, the most important and exciting of which is my new website. I have been working on the details of writing all the bits and pieces that need to be written and tweaking things here and there. I have also gotten back to my scrap booking but digitally. I have been trying to capture some memories for posterity and having a lot of fun at it.

silly dancer


at the beach

In other news, I just learned that a piece of my work will appear in a feature article in the Somerset Memories Dec/ Jan 2007 issue. I had all but forgotten the project so it was very exciting to hear from my pal Laura who arranged the project!

So now you know I am alive. I am trying to keep my head above water, beat that funk and enjoy these last weeks of summer. I hope you are too!


  1. Those digital pages are so gorgeous!!!!! Just relax and regroup.....we will wait for you to catch up!!!

  2. Such pretty pages...the beach page is wonderful

  3. Heather! I have been lost in space, lol. I just found your blog! I love it! Congrats on the publishing in Somerset! YAY! I love your work! Hope all continues to go well! Best, gina

    PS. I am going to link you to my blog!