13 July 2007

tussie mussies

I am hooked on tussie mussies. Its something about the conical shape and being able to really "foof" them up. I have several in various stages of completion on my desk just waiting for the polka dot books to be finished and the last few Zines to be bound and mailed. (I had to order more) I now have more motivation to finish those other projects up because Maria over at The Junk Drawer is hosting a Tussie Mussie Swap! Sign ups just started today so skip on over and sign up. In addition to the actual tussie mussie we will fill them and swap goodies as well. She used my cherub tussie (which is on its way to a new home in Italy) for the blog side bar banner.. come play!

Speaking of the Polka Dot Fat Book.. I have a sneak peek of the binding process (mess) so you can see how we do it. Shosh came down on Wednesday and we spent at least 4 hours sorting and binding and gluing and eating ice cream and putting the books in bags. Today I worked on labeling the envelopes so they are pretty much ready to go. Following are some pictures of the table when we were binding and some of Shosh's amazing pages. I didn't really take good ones of mine.


  1. Those look glorious!!!!!!! Every picture on this entry is TOOOOO MUCCHHHH!!! Love it all!!! Why are those images on circles?? Are they going to be the book? I guess I should investigate further before I ask these questions, but I find this circle shape totally intriguing!!!! Cool stuff Missy!

  2. Heather, what a lot of work you guys had to do!

    I LOVE Shosh's elegant and lovely vintage look layouts.
    What a great talent she has!

    I LOVE your Tussy!

    AND my issue of Portals arrived today and it is delicious!!!
    As is your black and white bottle charms!
    It is a GREAT swap, even if it is only black and white, I hope you LOVE your returns!

  3. Hey girl! Long time no talky talk! So I joined the cone swap :) Yay!
    You know, all this time you've talked about Portals, I still have no clue what it is. A magazine??

  4. These are Beautiful!!! WOW such a variety of creations. AND I love the Tussy!!

  5. love the tussis mussies!!! i am finishing up some that i made, mine are less fancy so i just call them cones...pages for the polka dot books look fabulous!!!

  6. Ooooh.... how fun and so labor intensive! But still looks like fun and the ice cream sounds great. Can't wait to get mine!


  7. your work is fantastic- oh its all just so good.singing and skipping love jo.

  8. This all looks so great....something about multiples!!!

  9. Heather, I just saw the banner you did for Dede...and it is FABULOUS!!!

  10. heather i love my polkadot book ! its wonderful and i joined the tussie mussie !! thanks for all your work with the books they are awesome !!!!
    take care

  11. Gorgeous banners! They are really stunning. Those circles look amazing. I am also in the tussie mussie swap. The one you made is beautiful!