17 July 2007

burnin' up the keyboard

I have been working on my computer a lot lately so now my wrist hurts. I have been busy, busy doing design work on a number of projects. I made some custom blog banners for the winners of my give away. Dede decided to get a matching Etsy banner too and I love how they turned out. It was so much fun and very inspiring to be able to pick some of her images to use.


My other winner, Monica, has yet to get back to me on the proof I sent her so I am waiting to hear back until I show it off. Seeing Dede's banner reminded Karin that she needed my services as well. Karin went for the whole shebang and is now the proud owner of business cards (2 designs) and an etsy banner for her new shop and a watermark image. She is using a Microsoft product so we need to figure out how she can use the image on her pix. She said I can show off my creations and she will be blogging about them tomorrow, so I will only preview a couple and you can go visit her to see the rest.


Karin_watermark copy

In addition to these things I have been working on some projects for my Mom. They aren't nearly as exciting unless you like garlic because it is some new promotional material for her business. I DID decide that I liked playing with Dede's photos so much that I did make a banner for fun out of images from Shosh's flickr.


Finally, as far as the digital work goes, Hope has found some time on her schedule and is finally working on my NEW website. I needed some help with the templates and she is allowing me to get a little more hands on so I can brush up on my coding and HTML. There are no teasers yet but hopefully I will have something fun to show off like Melfie did HERE. Oh, and speaking of Melfie, she and I did a little swap. I know she got what I sent her so I can share it here. (I don't think I did before) I made her a blank journal with the techniques I learned in Pam Garrison's class at ArtFest. I loved doing it and want to make more.. I just need more paper!

M is for ....



  1. Heather, you sure have been busy!
    LOVE the banner!
    VERY pretty journal!

    Rest those hands!!!


  2. I just love all the designs that you made for the lucky winners. I already told Dede how much i loved her new banner.
    You book looks fab too.

  3. Heather you have done an exquisite job of Dede's banner and I love the sneakies of Karin's too. The title and subtitle are great, you're just so talented! Also love your journal, it's wonderful!!!

  4. Your design work is really wonderful...do you design your fonts that you use?

    I have the hardest time finding fonts...

  5. Heather your work is gorgeous!! I'm coming over from Dede's blog. I'm crazy about the banner you created for her! I'm having a little giveaway too.. come visit if you have time. :)

  6. What fabulous banners!! And I love the package you put together for Karin - beautiful design work!!

  7. Heather, your work on all of these banners is just fabulous!!! Love what you made for Mel, beautiful!!!

  8. I love the art work you did for Karin. I was just at her site and saw the full layout. Gorgeous. I love your work.

  9. I saw the new images out in blogland today and just LOVE them! You're amazing!

  10. Dede banner is wonderful! You did a great job.

  11. ooh, girl, you are SO good! more blue!

  12. UUH Oh Heather I did respond to your email about my banner, is it still MIA???
    It was a few days late because I had company in town...sorry girl!

  13. Your work is beautiful!

  14. You've been a busy gal! But everything looks beautiful. You are such a talented gal :0)

  15. Your designs rock girlfriend!!! I love them all. You are so talented and I love the journal you made for Mel. Good job sweetie! Love,Jamie

  16. Oh I love the banners and the SWEET journal book. Darling! Thank you for inspiring me!
    hugs, cheryl

  17. Heather!!! I really can't thank you enough for my beautiful journal!!! Big love here!!! I can't wait to see your new site and oh, those banners you've been making!!! You talented girl, you!!! xo-Mel

  18. WOW!! These are BEAUTIFUL!! I always enjoy visiting your blog.


  19. Wow Heather...everything is so beautiful!!! I love your graphic designs..they are ALL sooo gorgeous!

    I also love that book! the blue background is so pretty..my fav color.