12 July 2007

one about the wee one

It has been brought to my attention that my blog has been lacking in pictures of the wee one as of late. I guess this summer I should be posting pictures of her every week because she is changing so quickly and in may she went up nearly 2 shoes sizes!
I love garli garni!
Anyway, I was out working at our family business today, taking pictures of product for some upcoming literature and we decided that we needed some pictures of H for the website. After all she IS the only grandchild and pretty darn cute of I do say so myself. She was "on" today and I got a bunch of really great shots but will just post a few here so as not to bore you.
I'm cuuuute!
Also, I have to share a story, because basically I suck at documenting her milestones except in pictures that basically take up disk space and my Mom keeps telling to write down the funny stuff she says before we forget.

Recently, after much discussion, my hubby had the big "V". We explained to H basically WHY Daddy had this done and that he had to be careful about lifting things for a couple of weeks or he would hurt himself. She has been kind of bummed that he can't give her rides on his shoulders or swing her around but she has been pretty understanding. Today, she was having a temper tantrum about some VERY IMPORTANT 3 year old thing and burst out into tears. Greg finally decided she needed to go to her room if she was going to scream and cry and if she didn't move it on her own, he was taking her. Usually this is enough to get her to go but I guess she figured she had Dad's "condition" on her side and she could just sit there and cry. He made his move to pick her up and she yelled out, "But daddy, you'll hurt your penis!" he held it together pretty well, removed her to her room and returned to find my Mom and I doubled over with laughter. He's such a good sport...

Out of the mouthes of babes....


  1. Heather I am in tears laughing so much! That is hysterical! (not the 'V' but what she said!). Gotta love 3 year olds! Mr Leroy calls his a 'doodle' and when my mum told him it is a penis he laughed and said 'Ha ha It's not a penis, it's a doodle!'. Just them saying that word cracks me up! Your mother is right about writing things down, we think we will remember but it's so easy to forget. Think I will start a little journal and jot funny things down. We should all do it!

  2. Oh, gosh, Heather, I am dying here! That is hysterical, and it sounds like something my son would say *grin* I gotta give you credit for even WRITING that down for all of us to read! My son has said some pretty interesting, matter-of-a-fact things about his as well, having chosen to teach him to use the proper term. I am going to be chuckling over this one for quite a bit, thanks!

    Oh, and thanks for listing that calendar diary project on your last post, I signed up too. So much fun, can't wait to see the end product.

  3. Oh that is too funny! I'm laughing over here - definitely could use it today too!

  4. OK.. I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU GUYS kept it together until she made it to her room.


    Thanks for sharing this story..!!!!

  5. oh Heather she is just adorable!!! and funny to boot, THAT was priceless!!!

  6. OMG! What an absolute little doll! Hey, glad to see that you found a place for Kelly's workshop! Didn't even know this place existed so close to home! Have a good weekend!

  7. First of all how could anyone be bored looking at that cherub face. She is absolutely adorable and really quite the model.
    Secondly the "V" story had me cracking up...no not about the actual V - ha! but your daughter. You really should write this stuff down - I can see you putting it some fabulous book. Kids are so amazing, they speak uncensored so it's pure honesty.

  8. Great pics. You shoudl use them in the next garlic catalog. She was really shining it on for that photo shoot.

  9. Great story!!!
    I can see you all over her face! She is beautiful!
    Got my Portals today and I love it!!

  10. Oh that wee one!! She's so cute and funny.
    What is it about these three year old "Important" tantrums?!?! Come on age 4~~ Please end these tantrums.

  11. Ah, a classic! I keep a little spiral notebook in the kitchen, right there on the cookbook shelf, and I make a point of jotting down the especially funny stuff. My son is now 9, he's STILL funny, and we all like to laugh out loud when we periodically pull the book out to remember some classics....

  12. Oh that's great! At least you told her the truth...we fibbed and told our daughter that dad had an operation on his back so he couldn't pick her up. A few weeks later someone in church mentioned back surgery and she said, "You should talk to my dad...he just had a back operation!" They looked at Joe wondering why they hadn't heard about it........he stood there...stuck dumb. I was doubled over laughing.