02 July 2007

art & give away

I am finally able to share my finished pieces for the swaps I have recently participated in since they have been received by my partners. The piece above went to Jeanne for Jenny's Bits n Pieces swap. I was really happy with how it turned out and she tells me she loves it but now after seeing all the other great art that was sent I would probably do some things different. Oh well, next time...

Also, I haven't heard back but I am sure Risa must have received the crown I sent to her. I haven't gotten mine yet so that might be why she hasn't posted yet. I was reluctant to start but once I did it was so much fun and I can see more crowns in my future. I really am pleased with how it turned out and it was cool that she also loved pink and green together.

The pictures do not show the final final piece with rhinestones and more ribbon loops added to the bottom to cover the glue spots.

Ok, finally, I promised a give away last week and never posted it so I am now!! I have been busy doing digital work in the form of business cards, banners and watermarks brushes for those who like to watermark protect their photos. I have not updated my website with these latest offerings because basically I just want to REDO it but I have been waiting on Hope for some assistance. She is pretty busy so I might just have to tackle it myself. Anyway, I digress... back to the give away... I am offering 2 prizes for those who care to leave comments on this post. the prize is a custom blog or Etsy banner or a custom digital brush which can be used with Photoshop or Elements to protect photographs. The caveat is that if you win and I make you the brush I will ask you to also provide a small link on your site or blog crediting me for the work. If this is something you are interested in, please leave a comment that INCLUDES contact information!! and which thing you'd be interested in.

Good luck!!


  1. Ooooh, I need a banner! I can't even figure out how to add one, LOL, but I'm trying to figure it out!
    p.s. I like your "bits and pieces" -- especially the part with the egg in the circle with the buttons. Simply beautiful!

  2. I am desperate need of both, but I've never seen anything as cool as those watermark brushes! One of those would be awesome. I love the two you posted below!

    Also, your new business cards are so pretty and so you :)

  3. I would love an etsy banner! I have it on my "to do" list but somehow it keeps getting bumped (too many swaps I think.) Thanks for the great blog.

  4. I'd love a custom brush, something flourishy. I love your artwork & crown! Sandy

  5. I am glad you didn't look at the other collages before you made mine 'cause I absolutely love it...I wouldn't change a thing!

    I could use a new banner...I never get around to changing mine. So boring!

  6. Oh my goodness! I desperately need a new banner for my blog!




  7. I love the artwork contained in this post!!!!! Amazing and beautiful!!!! Just wanted to say that,,,you know I have all my banners done by you and I love them all!!!!!! So, don't need a freebie at this time...although FYI, I am working on something for you to do for the Fall for me!!!! Aren't you excited??

  8. A new banner is a dream for me! The brushes sound awesome too! Please enter me in your give-away:>)

  9. these colors are so beautiful, i love it and the crown!! its delicious!! you really have bben working hard!! keep those creative juices flowing!!

  10. i would love to have a watermark brush...but how on earth do you use them...well i guess i could figure it out...the swap items that you made are truly beautiful Heather!!!

  11. your work is always so beautiful and inspiring! Off to check out what ya got new on ETSY :)

  12. karin (creativechaos)7/4/07, 9:47 AM

    Love your crown and bits and pieces creations. Both are wonderful! I DO need a banner and a watermark....but I'm sending an email your way about them! Karin

  13. Oh, pick me!! I have been wanting a banner but it is down on the to-do list and keeps getting bumped for other things! Pick me!! =)

  14. Oh Heather pick me pick meeeee!
    I am so illiterate when it comes to creating a banner and such!

    Love your blog!!!

    Hugz, Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

  15. I love your Bits & Pieces Art!!! I wanted to participate in the swap too but I couldn't because of time restraints.

    I would be thrilled if I won a banner. Then I would be forced to create a blog and Etsy shop - instead of just talking about it.

    What has been stopping me is mastering a digital camera.

  16. I would love the to enter your giveaway. If I am the lucky winner I would be interested in the photo watermark, so long as someone could teach me how to use one. Or a banner, who knows... let's see if I win first, huh? Thanks for giving us the chance to play...


  17. Beautiful bits and pieces and oh, that crown!!!! Your work rocks, Heather!!! xo-Mel

  18. Both prizes sound fantastic!!! Here's hoping I win.