29 June 2007

good stuff

My mailbox has been kind to me this week. I will have to dole it out sparingly but my favorite thing is THIS beautiful "Bits n Pieces" collage by Jeanne, my swap partner in Jenny's swap. It is so perfect with wee things, birdies, glitter and my favorite colors. I just LOVE it and have already hung it in my studio!! Thank you so much Jeanne.

The other super exciting thing I got in my mailbox this week is ACTUAL BUSINESS CARDS!!
I had been dragging my feet on actually getting some for whatever lame reasons but I finally did and I love them. They will probably help out a bit with my business to mail with things from my Etsy shop and the design work I have been doing. I haven't blogged much about that lately but I have been busy working on several design projects for various folks. I LOVE Photoshop and was so thrilled to learn to make brushes so I have been creating watermark brushes for using on photographs:

Here is one I did for Heather at Present Past:

and one for Tara at Bella Pink:
and finally I have done a couple of Etsy banners but I can't share them until the sites go live so you will just have to wait for peeks of those. So, for now I am off to bed and then off to San Francisco for the weekend. More news has been posted at Art*Play so if you are interested in that click on over. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey Heather-have missed you! YOur business cards are very pretty. I decided I liked my moo cards enough to have them as my business cards and I like that they only come in 100 so I can order different designs if I want to. Your are perfectly you.

  2. Heather, do your days have more hours than mine...just wondering...you are such a busy girl and accomplishing so much it makes me quite dizzy...you go girl :) ...

  3. I "hear" you are the gal to contact for watermark feature on images. Can you tell me more ~ I don't think I have your e-mail. Best ~ Rella

  4. Beautiful collage! She did an amazing job! And your cards turned out SO lovely! I have one of your postcards on a board in my hallway and people are always asking me about it.

  5. I love your business cards! Love the watermarks. I hope to have the shop up within the week and will definitely let you know when it goes live. I loaded the banner this morning and it looks great!

  6. Those are great business cards Heather!! They look awesome!