03 July 2007

Bits n pieces

Not a whole lot to report here other than summer has OFFICIALLY arrived and by officially I mean HEAT. We're expecting 100+ degree weather over the next couple of days to be followed by lots of noise in the form of the 60th Annual Hollister Biker Rally. Ugh.. We'll try to escape town as much as possible through Sunday.

Today was a fun mail day as I received a copy of The Foof-a-life from my pal Marilyn. Its a fun little publication with some cute projects in it. I LOVE Marilyn's birdie banner of course! I am not sure where to get it, I imagine it is available online somewhere but a quick search didn't lead me anywhere easy. Anyway, Thank You Marilyn! I will look forward to having this book in my library for inspiration!

Also, on a whim I added a few things to my Etsy shop today. It wasn't the grand update I was planning on but the way my life is going right now I feel lucky to have time to post six items for now. I know I have to ship a couple of things and I plan to get that done this week. I felt I was doing good but now I feel like I am running way way behind. If I ever get caught up I seriously need to have a studio flea market.. its a mess.. again.

OH, I realized after posting my give away in the last post I failed to set a deadline. oops, so I will draw names on the night of Friday, July 6th and contact the lucky winners. Good luck!!

Happy 4th of July!!!


  1. Such fun stuff Miss Heather!!
    I hope you and your family have a boomtastic 4th!

  2. "a million little things" has Foof in stock...just got my copy on Monday...and i adore your sweet cones...i know you called them something else but i can't remember what is was, sorry...

  3. You have been creating some gorgeous stuff my dear!!


  4. I love that sweet little angel. so cute. Hope you are having a nice 4th of July!


  5. I am glad you got the Foof book too!!! Isn't it great? Talk about inspiration!!

    Love your new artwork!!! Your use of crepe (sp?) paper is the best!!!

    Stay out of the heat! We just went to a movie today, very low key.