30 May 2007

yay mail yay

I have been on a rant against the USPS for various reasons in the last couple of weeks. I can always tell when my regular carrier, Stephanie isn't on the route, she is awesome and it seems like everyone they get to fill in sucks.

Anywhoo, today was a good mail day as my much anticipated new Blythe dollie arrived. I have been wanting this girl for a long time now and I saw such a great price I leapt at it. This is Meg, my new Mademoiselle Rose Bud.

I was very excited to get that package BUT the best of all was a surprise package I got from Mary Holcomb's Oh Merci Etsy Shop! It seems that my dear friend Laura rad my post and had Mary send one of her darling chicks on parade as a surprise!!

and as a special treat Mary, who I just did Tammy's tag swap with, sent me the darling little bunny! This picture isn't the greatest but it was dark by the time I got time to shoot. Its been nuts around here... hopefully by the end of the week I can show a sneak peek or two on my jar swap jar but for now I am soo stuck!!


  1. Wahoo! I am glad you liked your surprise!!! Thank you again for all of your support of my blog both mental and technical! I LOVE your banners!!!! They are works of art! Also, I found out that Mary lives nearby!!! I am hoping I can meet her someday!!! She has a totally cool blog! I did not know you were in a tag swap with her! I will have to go look at the tags on her blog again!
    lots of love, laura

  2. Mary is so sweet and one of the loveliest souls. I own one of her fabulous wreaths. She is so talented - as are you!

  3. i got some yay mail myself today: a lovely bunch of goodies from you!! i love everything to pieces..were those moo cards in there?? if so i really need to get some, too cute!!

  4. What a sweet little bunny!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend Heather!


  5. Hello Heather!
    Thank you for all of your very kind words on your post!!! I had to stay away from your blog so as not to "spill the beans", then I lost your link!!! I felt very discombobulated! The bunny was so fun to make for you! It GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! At least that is what the pom package said! The bunny is from the Jennifer Murphy tutorial at jmurphybears.com
    It is down for Maintenance now, boo whoo, whoo : (
    You can purchase the bunny made by herself!!
    Your tag is beautiful. All of the details and layers placed just right!!! Thank You again for the beautiful tag!
    With Kindness,