26 May 2007

not so fake post

Ok, no exciting art or anything like that. Sorry, I have been focusing all of my attention of digital doings and working in Portals I just want it done!

Anyway, my reason for this late post is to share the little new addition to my side bar which is a donation tool to raise money for Bernie Berlin's "A Place to Bark" animal rescue. I met Bernie through online art groups and went on to host an all original art book to be auctioned off to benefit the rescue. Cloth Paper Scissors published an article I wrote in October of 2005 and the book raised over $1000.00 for her rescue.

Needless to say, that money went quickly and Bernie's rescue continues to need funds. By clicking on the cute doggie graphic you can donate a few extra dollars to our furry friends in need and support Bernie's rescue OR visit her blog to see what else you might do.


  1. Hi Heather...

    Just wanted to let you know you have been tagged (check out my blog). I understand if you are too busy to play.


  2. Hi Heather,

    I click and donate whenever I can. I sort of look at it like, I only have one dog now (after my sweet girl passed away earlier this year) so I can afford to support Bernie's doggies... I was already used to the other expenses anyway. I hope more and more people can contribute.