01 June 2007

the jar and other eye candy

I finally finished my jar for Melfie's Fairy Jar Swap. It was due today but I emailed my partner to let her know it would be a bit late. Hopefully tomorrow it will be dry enough to pack up and mail off. Here are a few sneak peeks to peak your curiosity until my pal gets it.
Faerie of Lost Treasures

In addition to this I finished up a couple of other swaps that were due. Here are the finished pages in Laura's Alphabetica book. Both are using pictures of my Grandma.


Beautiful Dreamer

and... I finished my wee house for the House Swap through Chubbyville and Portals. When Shosh came down we started on them after much trial and error and finally getting Greg to draw us workable plans.. LOL I kind of struggled with the more 3 dimensional form but overall I am happy with the way it turned out and I have 2 others underway.

house of numbers

I love this shot. Hannah thought the house needed animals.


  1. YOWZA....the pictures of your grandmother are wonderful.
    And these pages, well they are fabulous and Laura is gonna LOVE them !!!!!

  2. WHAaaaaa... Heather.. Promise to share the Lost Fairy in your jar...

    Your trimmings look SO COOL!!!!


  3. Dang it! I missed Melfie's swap, but I will be anxiously awaiting to see what everyone made.
    Your journal with the pics of your grandmother are beautiful!

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  5. All this gorgeousness! Love the fairy jar, can't wait to see the whole thing, and your grandmother pages, they are so lovely! The house is sensational!!!
    Natasha : )

  6. Wow Heather, some great art there girlie!
    I love that hannah helps with the little additions to your pictures sometimes...so cute

  7. Heather.....The jars are wonderful! I love the whole idea! What a lovely gift they would make:)

  8. I love, love, love the pages you did for my Alphabetica journal!!! They are gorgeous, stupendous, and so cool! Can't wait to see it in person someday!!!! And I really love that it is your Grandma!!!

    Love your house and fairy jars too! Can't wait to see more of the fairy jars!!!

  9. Heather, I LOVE your pages in Laura's book. How did you get the glitter so perfect on those patterns? Did you use Stickles?

  10. Karin (creativechaos)6/3/07, 9:29 PM

    Love all of it! The page with your grandmother is wonderful!!

  11. You can guess my favorite page!! And oh I love the house - where was I when this all went down! I wanna make a house toooooo! Heh heh.

  12. These pieces are great! I have many new photo's of my grandmother that I am anxious to use.

    I LOVE the house and all the little animals!

  13. Everything looks just fabulous!!

    The little house with the animals is too cute!