22 April 2007

playing with dollies...

Shosh and Sharon have been playing with their dollies lately. The little has been into it too so I got the bug again and took my girls down from their perch to play today. They got some new clothes so were eager to show off...

Aubrey, she had been bumping into stuff. We were concerned and she had an exam and turns out she can't see! So she had to get new glasses. I think they suit her!

Her hair is out of control! I think I have had it with the unmanageable, birds nest of hair. The ADG's hair is awful compared to Takara's. I am thinking a nice bob or something. Eeep, I'm kind of scared to do it. LOL
BUT I adore the pretty sweater that her Auntie Lora made for her, isn't it great? I am so glad I got Lora started knitting! More Lora, more!!

Next, here is Ginger taking her puppy for a stroll in a little buggy she has filled with pretty spring flowers. She is wearing a new springy outfit. I still just love her.

Here she is having coffee this morning too. The girls are all about their pets, as you can see she has a little kitty friend wanting some love here.

Finally for today, here is Lotta. Its her birthday and the girls threw her a surprise birthday party. Check out her stylin' new outfit too.

Ok, with that I will stop this silliness. If you want to see more Blythe photos click over to my flickr album, back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


  1. OMG I'm so glad the sweater fit!! I snagged the photo so I could blog it too because I wanted the sweater ON your doll. Fun FUn

  2. OK, now I wanna sweater like that! Think Lora will share the pattern? Your girls are just darling. Those glasses are too cute. And...mwahaha for getting you wanting to play with your dollies!

  3. NOT silly, cute. Very cute.

  4. cute! i love the rement b.day setting. love the sweater. love ginger, too. i think you should go for the bob -- but i'll give ya a hint -- use pro. hair scissors -- they cut the hair, not just slide it around! thanks for finally posting dolly pics! i think we're all having a mid-life crisis. well, i think dolls beat fast cars and fast women, don't you? lol

  5. Catherine Witherell4/25/07, 4:14 PM

    Where do you get these dolls? I have seen photos of them on flickr and I want to know how to get one. Dollies at our age, silly but fun! It's like a club!