18 April 2007

and the award goes to...

My sweet blog friend Lisa recently bestowed upon me this lovely blogger award:
"It is because of you that I feel bathed in light most days."

Thank you so much Lisa. This really means a lot to me.
In addition, Karin recently nominated me for the Thinking Blogger Award

which means that I am to nominate 5 more blogs that I love to share. Its a really tough decision, because I like LOTS of blogs and it seems unfair to choose just 5 but I will; though I highly encourage you to visit all the blogs in my side bar that inspire me and make me laugh. So here are my nominations, in no particular order and they may not be the blogs that make me THINK the most but really inspire me:

(edit: this had been hard and now I am behind because blogger just was NO cooperating the other day so I saved and went to bed. Now I am finishing up but a couple of my choices have been nominated already.. oh well)

1. Tracie Lynn Huskamp/ Red Door Studio- I met Tracie last year at ArtFiberFest. She was so sweet and I enjoyed chatting with her. over the past year we have kept in touch and I have participated in her Fiber ATC yahoo group, she has done things for Portals and over all we have just been friends. Recently she has lent me a hand in finishing up issue #5 of Portals while juggling her busy schedule. Great things are happening for her. Though we are close in age, she has a wisdom beyond her years and has been a great rock for me over the last month! It was so wonderful seeing her at ArtFest again where she gave me this lovely ATC she created. THANK YOU Tracie for being a friend and mentor to me. I am excited about the prospects before you!

Fiber Heart ATC

2. Heather Bullard/Present Past Collection- "The other Heather". We have had this little running joke since Heather found me and asked me to design a blog banner for her. I feel a connection with Heather. We have similar taste and I love everything she shares on her blog. I am still hoping she will follow through on her threat to come take me flea marketing.

3. Marilyn Healey/ Outside the Lines- What can I say about Marilyn? I adore her! Not only is she so sweet and thoughtful but I LOVE her art! Seriously, I don't think I have EVER seen a piece that she has done that I have not liked. She needs to write a book!!!

4. Judy Wise- I can't really remember how I "met" Judy, it must have been through some online swap or Yahoo group. I was so lucky to MEET her in real life at ArtFest and there just wasn't enough time to soak in her enthusiastic, creative and warm energy. I hope that there will be another time that I get to spend more quality time with her. Plus, I adore her paintings!

5. Ruth Rae- Unfortunately, by the time I met Ruth Rae at ArtFest there wasn't much time for us to visit. I am so inspired by anything that Ruth does. I especially love how she layers fibers and fabrics to make everything from books to charms.

Ok, so unfortunately that ends my list though as you can see my list is long and grows longer nearly every day. I get so excited when I find a blog I want to add to my list. Hope my choices have inspired you as they inspire me...


  1. I love these posts about the thinking blogger award, I have found some great new blogs to visit by following links!!
    Congratulations to you.
    I think you were one of the sweet people who emailed me with advice re: my "camera issues" / so I am very happy to tell you I think problem has been resolved.

  2. Heather, I am having a paper mache give away on Monday, I hope you will stop over!!

  3. Hi Heather,
    Congratulations on getting nominated!!! I also enjoyed reading through your nominations.

    Those ballerina toppers are so adorable--I am swooning over them.

    I so enjoy your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine.


  4. heather... THANK YOU!!!

    from the bottom of my heart!


  5. Great places to visit!
    Love it here...congrats to you.

  6. Oh yes... all of these are so inspiring and wonderful. Thank you for sharing. :)

  7. Congratulations to you and thank you for nominating me!