18 April 2007

fat books....

Just a quick note for those who inquired about the Polka Dot Fat Book.
A fat book is a book comprised of pages from many different artists. Each artist does "x" number of pages, sends them into a central hostess (me) who collates and binds the book. Then you receive a book back with pages from those several artists. They are VERY fun and the art is generally amazing. The pages are often embellished with all sorts of fun things like beads, feathers, fibers, charms, etc to make them very tactile and delicious.

The polka dot fat book will be 20 pages and it will be round!! The pages are due to me by May 30 allowing for plenty of time to make fabulous art. If you have more interest please EMAIL me and I will send you the official guidelines. You can then sign up either by email or joining our fatbook group: Chubbyville ( its fun!)


  1. I saw a couple of these at ArtFest...just wonderful!! A round book, sounds great.

  2. That sounds like so much fun, well receiving the book does anyway. I don't know if I could work on a deadline, as I just crumble under pressure. I am sure the end results are simply fantastic!! And round: fun indeed!!

  3. hmmm, I want to do the fatbook...... but I think that the deadline is too close (by the time the round pages get to me, that's 2 weeks, and it takes 2-3 weeks for mailing (from Canada), and ..... I'm already out of time..... Oh well, next time!
    But it sounds so fun -- I can't wait to see the results!

  4. Congratulations for this award and all your work!