23 April 2007

randomness on a sunny day

After a cold, wet weekend we have a beautiful day today and the forecast for the rest of the week is nice as well. We went for a walk to a little lunch place downtown and took in the spring splendor of birds singing, trees blossoming and fragrant flowers. It was nice to be outside since we spent Earth Day cooped up inside. We had planned to plant a tree yesterday but I wasn't going to go out a dig a hole in the pouring rain, and G has a sprained ankle and besides we couldn't fit the tree in the car so he will have to go this week sometime with the truck to pick it up. I *think* we have decided to plant a Locust Tree because they grow quickly and get pretty flowers in spring. We are still having some difficulty choosing, it will go along the curb in front of our house.. any suggestions?

Anyway, I got some great news last night. After all this waiting the printer is finally fixed and the issues of Eye Candy will be going out by the end of the week! Thanks to everyone for their patience and support!! I am aiming to have most of issue #5 done by this weekend. I am still missing stuff from Joleen and am not sure where my holes will be so I am not pre-selling it yet. I will get there though.

Well, I need to go take some pix of new goodies for my Etsy shop while it is still sunny out. I have some fun new treats and art to be posted this week so stay tuned. :)

PS. These doodles are from a fun program called the SCRIBBLER which can be found HERE. Beware, it is addictive!


  1. I love the scribbles! It sounds like much fun!

  2. What about a flowering crab, we LOVE ours. They are rather short flowering however.

  3. I haven't commented lately but I've been reading.....sounds like you've really been busy starting with ArtFest forward. I hope you are able to get the whole Eye Candy issue sorted and feel back on track.
    Hopefully soon we can finally do our one on one swap!! :)
    AND thanks a lot (lol!) I spent way too much time on that Scribble site last night. You are so right about its addictiveness. Check out my blog!

  4. How fun is this!!! I love it...did you see the link to the Jackson Pollock site on my blog a while back??? Such fun!