20 March 2007

movin' on...

ArtFest ATCs
Ok, I am feeling better. I have mentally regrouped and talked to a couple of very supportive people and friends. I am going to spend the next week focusing on getting ready for ArtFest and enjoying that process and the pre-fest excitement. I need to just relax and have some ME time before I make myself more sick than I felt today. I have a handful of subscribers who I hope will understand the delay and I have some help lined up for when I return. Thanks so much to those of you who have stepped forward to offer your help and support.

The official ArtFest numbers so far:
49 charms - pix coming
39- ATC's - want to try to do one more batch
misc # of ArtFest buttons
7 more days til I leave!!!! Yay

more ArtFest ATCs


  1. I do hope a visit to my blog will bring a ray of sunshine to your day!

    Hugs from the UK.


  2. Hi there Heather!!
    You were one of my chosen 3 winners for my one world, one heart give away (the spring bag!)See my blog for the announcement.
    Please email at bonnie@vestronic.net
    with your postal address.
    Thanks again!

  3. These ATCs are so TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! I love them!!

    I am so glad you will be taking the time to enjoy the pre-fest mood! That is half the fun of the whole thing!!!!! I am so glad you are going to Artfest, I bet that will really recharge your batteries!!!

  4. heather~
    can you believe artfest is just days away!! it will be so wonderful and all that energy, how couldwe not get recharged!! love those faces you are using!!

  5. Gorgeous! You have been so hard at work!! Everything will be just fine! Have a blast!


  6. How sweet, Heather, I love the little head!

  7. Oh my!!!

    I am the lucky one today!!! HOORAY!

    Thanks Heather! You can always find my address in the AAO member database, or on the ZNE Contact page, here:


    (right hand side, below the email addresses)

    xoxo - Chel

  8. I love the doll head ATC's! I just bought one of those porcelin dollies at a flea market. They are kind of creepy-cool.
    See you in a few days!!