21 March 2007

Spring Fling

Happy First Day of Spring everyone. I woke up and checked my emails to learn that I had won some goodies in the One World, One HeART giveaway. What a great way to meet the day. Thank goodness for those bloggers in other time zones who get up early! LOL

I just had my dear hubby choose 3 names from the whopping 104 entrants I had and I am please to announce the winners of my give away for a set of 10 of my birdie postcards and some other little goodies.

They are :

Tammy Gilley

Congratulations girls! I will be contacting you shortly to gather up your email addresses and get your goodies off to you before I head off to the land of art.. ArtFest in Washington!! I am so excited!!

Thanks to Lisa for getting the ball rolling on this new blog wide give away. It was so fun and I wish I could give a prize to everyone who entered. Please do check back though as I often post contests on my blog for no apparent reason other than it really IS better to give than receive. ( I AM happy to win sometimes too though.. heehee ) And finally if you are super disappointed to not get a birdie postcard, they have been restocked in my shop.


  1. Oh yay! Oh yay! Yippee!!!! Thank you so much!!

  2. I am packing supplies! and your apron!!

    Can't wait!!

  3. Guesh wut! I got mail :) And I simply adore it :) Awwww and you included a posty card tooooo! I'll trade any time! Just come knock me over the head when you want to!
    p.s. those aren't my toes!!!!! bwahaha!

  4. Congrats to the girls.....YEA! I only wish i had been one of them:)

  5. What wonderful goodies--lucky folks for sure!!!

    Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my blog!


  6. I just had to click on the picture of the little girl in pink next to your name in another blogger's comment area. Glad I did, your site is so pretty, loved the cards!

  7. Still haven't sent me your address honeybunch!


  8. Hi darling,know anyone who's been to art fest?send them over.I have a question on my blog.