13 March 2007

Little art and a bit of Eye Candy

My morning started off on a bright note this morning. While I checked my email we had the Little Mermaid on the TV. Soon the little one got up and grabbed her art box and some sheets of paper. I heard her kind of chatting while she drew and pretty soon she handed me this! I couldn't even believe she had drawn something do well and easily recognizable. I was just commenting to a friend that I couldn't wait until she drew well enough to KNOW what it was that she was drawing. I think he is so cute!

I have been working on some little goodies of my own. Inspired by Mz Smoochie Lips.. I made some fun paper egg ornaments for Easter. I will post few in my Etsy shop in a couple of days as some are drying.



and... these little paper rosette brooches which were part of my "Use it or lose it campaign" to use up stuff in my studio or get rid of it. Some of them will also be making an appearance in my Etsy shop.
IMG_0415 IMG_0414 IMG_0416

Finally, one last note about Eye Candy... the special art zine. For those of you who have been eagerly waiting... its done! and its now available for sale at Portals-Zine's website!


  1. o.k...if you've never ever heard of Brian Andes-Story People....you must google and go to the site to see the work.........and you will be convinced you need to sign your little artist up right now!!! Too precious for words.

    hugs ~ Rella
    ~ Thank you for visiting my blog and signing up

  2. oh I still love Hannah's drawing!! That was such a magical moment yesterday!!!! How Awesome!

  3. Your paper eggs are so so cute! What a neat idea.

  4. Ooooh cute cute eggs and other creations!!

  5. The eggs & brooches are adorable, But I do have to say I am very partial to the "younger" set art work. I love kid's interpretations of everything! Too cute! Karin @ creativechaos

  6. Just beautiful! I love the vibrant green color of one of your eggs--ahh--Spring is coming!


  7. Dude, I nominated you for an "award!" No prizes or accolades involved, except for my gratitude!

    go see...



  8. Oh Goody! I ordered my Portals "Eye Candy" since I'm the only person not going to Art Fest - sniff sniff. I love your eggs too. And Hannah's art work is incredible --- you must be so proud of her!

  9. Oh, Hannah's octopus is perfect!!! Kiddos are the most brilliant artists!!! xo-Mel