14 March 2007

eggs in my basket

Ok, I admit it, I have a short attention span. My Mom jokes that I should change my website name to S.A.S.S. = Short Attention Span Studios. Maybe I should....

I SHOULD be working on ArtFest trades and Portals v 5 ( I have been.. but you know what they say about all work and no play...) but I am addicted to eggs!! I made several more paper egg ornaments today and listed some on my Etsy shop. I need to mail a couple off to people I owe art to. I am not telling which ones I am mailing- surprise! I want to make more!! Do you think there is a market for eggs all year around?? Maybe I should find some other shapes to experiment with. Maybe I should try to work bigger.. maybe I should get back to work and let you just LOOK!

IMG_0429 Happy Spring Bunny Egg Happy Easter egg decoration IMG_0430


  1. Hi darling,I really enjoyed your blog.Can you email me or something and tell me what eye candy is?

  2. Love these pretty little eggs!

    And, I'm a charter member of the short attention span club too!!! :)

  3. Love these...
    You make me laugh...maybe we are "excessively diverted"?? I am forever getting sidetracked.

  4. Wow, your eggs are beautiful. I had to laugh at the idea for the website name. That's great!!

  5. Those eggs are beautiful! They look so yummy! I think we all just get easily inspired - thus easily sidetracked - grin.

  6. Love the rabbits smooching!


  7. OH Heather!!! These are fabulous!! I need to be heading to etsy first, commenting later!!! xo-Mel