11 March 2007

digi ART

Hi all, I have been playing with the computer for art in addition to my glitter and glue. I made this business card for my friend Kim, just in time for her big national convention trip to Las Vegas. Kim sent me the image (avert your eyes..LOL) and I got free rein to do the rest. She loves it which makes me so happy.

Alma asked me to do some really simple buttons for her new project called Iheartzines.com. I made a couple button versions and a banner for fun. She really likes the simplicity of them for links...
Check out this new site for some Zine fun. The first activity is a Zine swap! I am so there when I get back from ArtFest!
Speaking of ArtFest, I decided to make some buttons for swaps. Here are a couple of the designs I am going to slap on the button maker tomorrow to test run.
ArtFest ArtFest2 ArtFest1
Finally, good news in the printing department. I got word that Eye Candy is printing smoothly and we are on track to make deadline. Yay!! For those of you who have asked what is Eye Candy.. it is a special issue of Portals-Zine that I produced for ArtFest. We are running 600 copies which will be included in the ArtFest goodies bags and also be available for sale on the Portals website. They will probably be posted for sale TOMORROW, there will be a limited number and they will not ship until I return AFTER ArtFest.

(now you won't have to look at this teaser anymore... LOL)


  1. I didn't avert my eyes. I think it is beautiful!
    The buttons are great. All this talk about ArtFest makes me wish I lived where you live.

  2. Oh...MY...GOSH!!!! That is one awesome business card!! I bet Kim is going to be the person at the convention that runs out of cards!!! Oh they are great Heather!!

  3. Love your buttons. Can't wait to see Eye Candy at Artfest! Love the teaser!! Please come join me for a pre-ArtFest tea party. See my blog for details.

  4. You've been busy with beautiful things!!!

    Please email your address when you get a chance along with your pref. of paper egg :)

    Have a grrrreat day!

  5. you do awesome art, heather!!!
    the buttons are perfect!!!
    cannot wait to see the eye candy!
    can you believe it is just around the corner..

  6. Okay, those buttons for Artfest are so totally awesome! That is a great idea!!!!! and business cards!!! cool!! I want one with one of my banner people! I will start thinking about that soon........you are so cool!

  7. love the preview of the buttons and the business card is awesome!

  8. Heather, I love my cards!!! Thank you so much for all of your work.

  9. I LOVE your buttons. Really looking forward to seeing Eye Candy.

    Can't wait to see you.