03 March 2007

inspiration and news

Spring Fling
Da funk has mostly lifted, I am still mildly frustrated but that will pass. I am putting that last finishing touches on Eye Candy though the bulk of it has gone to the printer aka my Dad. I am excited to get them off to Teesha and for people to get them in their packages. As soon as they start printing I will list them for sale on the Portals website. Issue #5 has been delayed at least 2 weeks. All updates are posted in the News Dept on Portals-Zine.com.

Anyhoo, I have been spending time in my newly organized studio and I am proud to say that I have been STAYING organized. Everything is easier and therefore less procrastinating!! Yay. I have completely sold out of my vintage birdie postcards and have reordered them. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. In addition I have had some inquiry about wholesale on my Whimsy Jars so I am hustling to acquire some more of these wee millinery flowers and some pom pom trims.. if anyone has any that they'd be willing to swap for, please email me!! I will be trying to work on these jars in addition to swaps for ArtFest in the coming weeks. My goal for tomorrow and Monday it to order the tools and supplies I need for my AF classes and to get some photos uploaded to share!!

Thanks to those of you who have posted and emailed little cheer up/ I've been there/ its ok to rant messages. I felt a little selfish dumping like that but the notes made me feel better and despite my not posting for a few days again I have been feeling better. It is so nice to know that there is a slew of people out there in blog land who get it and can commiserate. The internet truly is a wonderous thing, especially to those of us who live in podunk little towns.

Finally, in lieu of any of my own photos I am sharing a selection of my Flickr favorites for February in this post. I think that Flickr is so amazing in the vast amounts of inspiration you can find there and also it is a great place to find other like minded- like tasted people.. just like in blog land!

PS Is it only me or can others not post to Blogs that require the visual verification thingie? I am going to temporarily disable mine. Argh, all day I have been trying to comment places and can't!!


  1. I saw your cute Target bunnies on Flickr! Aren't they so fun to make? Yours turned out really cute too.

  2. Can't wait to see all these goodies at ArtFest!

    thanks for turning off the verification because no, it's not just you, cannot get through to blogger sites.

    Your postcards were lovely, so glad they were successful, I'll have to grab a bunch when you re-order.

  3. Wow...lovely things....glad I came to visit and found you blog


  4. beautiful and oh so pretty!! Jude xx

  5. I think we are all having problems leaving comments....not sure what's going on.
    Anyhow...glad to hear that you're feeling better and that your studio is organized...what a feeling, huh ???
    I'm also so happy that Portals is almost done...what a great thing to get checked off on your busy list of things to do....I can't wait to get a copy !!!!

  6. karin (creativechaos)3/5/07, 7:49 PM

    Great collage of pictures! No surprise your postcards sold out...they are adorable! Glad you're feeling better :)