05 March 2007


Ok, so it isn't Heather Bailey's AMAZING studio but its mine and it is WAY more organized than it has been in quite some time. I no longer have to call it "the pit" or "the studio of doom". I want to add more pretty touches and keep switching the ugly plasticness to pink or pretty paper covered boxes, but for now.. ACCEPTANCE!

my studio
My computer/ shipping desk.
my studio
My "art" desk.

Here are another couple of not very good shots...
studio cubbies
Inspiration line

If you click any of them, they will take you to my Flickr photostream to see larger versions with notes.

Anyway, I am happy to report that I have been doing very well with keeping it neat and putting things back when i am done with them! I still have some things to stash away and I want to purge all the drawers to hopefully find even more space for those unstashed items.

I have been working on all sorts of things. Not the least of which is to FINISH Eye Candy (hopefully tonight). I had to cut/ condense several pages because we had an issue with the folder on the machine and it only wants to fold 10 sheets at a time. I DO NOT want to manually staple 600 zines!! I'm sorry. My dad brought over my proofs this morning and they look better than I had expected so I am excited that this project is almost done. I hope all of you think so too!

So, in addition the Zine, I have been working on jars for a wholesale order and the shop. I am still in need of fleurs.. anyone?? I also have been working on various bits trying to use what i have in the studio.. all those things that have just been laying around. If nothing else, the muse seems to be cooperating lately so I have lots of little projects in the works for Etsy, ArtFest and this one for me!

I still need to add "Bluhm Studios" and do some tweaking but I like how its progressing!


  1. Papier Valise has those little nosegays under the textiles, if you are looking to buy some.

  2. now how much of that studio are you taking with you to ArtFest? I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of supplies I need to haul with me...

  3. Love the shots of your studio, Heather. You are a busy, busy girl!! Love the art in progress. Beautiful!!!

  4. It's coming along nicely!!
    I would give my two front teeth and back molars to have my OWN space to play in once again... I'm a jealous girl!

    Swing on by for my Spring giveaway if you like :)

  5. Heather it looks great! What a wonderful space and love all those windows. I have mine much more organized but it needs more artsy touches now. Actually after all my organizing we're going to take it all out and paint the walls. I don't think our studios are ever fully done are they?
    I love that tiered wire basket!
    you've been a busy gal!

  6. What a wonderful studio space! I love that wall unit with the cube shaped shelves.

  7. One busy busy girl..

    Looking forward to seeing you soon...my friend.


  8. It looks great AND very organized....my little creating table is buried under a swath of papers, ribbons and who knows what....I love to see where others create their magic! karin @ creativechaos

  9. You and I are so much alike. I have some of those pink boxes too and am struggling a bit with the space I have and wishing more than anything I could have a studio like Heather Bailey or Sally Jean! My former 'formal dining room' is now my 'studio of dreams' and ever-changing. Thank you for sharing... it's almost time for ArtFest!

  10. Wowsers. My craft/guest/computer/world domination headquarters looks like a li'l corner of the city dump compared to that. and I only have Bailey to care for. The only thing I've got even halfway organized is my stash of yarn for future projects.

  11. your studio looks great!
    and I really love the new look of your blog!
    the only book I did was the fabric book for artfest.
    but I will have atc's and charms to trade :)