19 January 2007


I woke up today in a funk. I am not sure why.. no particular reason other than I just am. Probably the early morning wake up calls (3:30 am) by the little don't help. I have found myself mopey and impatient. I hate losing my patience with wee H but today she is getting on. my. last. nerve! I feel guilty and rotten for wanting to just plop her in front of a movie while I go try to hide in my studio. She has been constantly underfoot and asking WHY? about EVERYTHING! Ugh.

I am finding myself feeling increasingly lost without my camera. I am usually very positive about Canon and their equipment but I am irritated with their repair service. DH faxed in my fix it order since I don't have a fax here at home. I figure Canon could not read his writing (its kind of messy) and therefore couldn't get the CC # to go thru. Did they bother to call? No.. they let it sit there until I called to check the status as it wasn't being updated on line. So, I am doling out what photos I have and hoping that my camera will be back soon! My trip to SF got me very excited about shooting and part of me wishes I had not gone for the wee pocket size Elph and had stuck with an SLR. Oh well, something to aspire to I guess. I think my Elph takes pretty decent pix considering its minute size and I can slip it in my pocket. These shots were shot with my Mom's Kodak which I managed to weasel out of her for a few days. I took them while we were walking around the Mission District in SF.



  1. Love the tile picture!!!!! So cool!! Hope you are feeling better and get lots of sleep tonight!!!

  2. maybe what you need is some good ole studio time, some mommy time. my olivia is seven and i admit we still have days like that. playing with some paper and paint always helps...

    hope you get your camera soon.

  3. Heather, loved your latest Portals Zine - such incredible work! I wrote about it on my blog - happy you are back at home and hoping you get your camera soon! :+) kristina

  4. Heather, good luck on those journals! They are so much fun, and no rules apply! I am sick today also, just get some R&R, you will feel better soon! -Lilia

  5. Hey, I hope the blues pass soon. I understand feelin funky...but most of the time it is proir to something great happening in a creative way! I hope you get some rest and wake refreshed.

    Love your blog! Best gina