16 January 2007


Hey, I actually made some art.. both digital and non. I have added several new blog banners to my banner adoption page. Its fun to just play and see what turns out even if I occasionally just delete everything. Here are peeks at a couple, you can see the rest by visiting my site.

In addition to these babies, I have been packing up envelopes for various swaps (and Zine orders!) This banner is for my Fiber ATC group for a Valentine's swap. It was a new thing for me but I really enjoyed figuring out my process and putting it all together. I will be making more for my Etsy shop in the near future.


I have also finally begun an ART JOURNAL but do not have pictures yet so for those you will have to wait a bit longer. I will try to get pix tomorrow.

I hear rain outside! I guess we are finally getting a break from the COLD weather we have been experiencing here. To show you how cold it has been, here are a couple of pix.

Ice Water

frozen tree


  1. hey...you stealing my ice?!? We have that all over here!!! I second Joleen...BRRRRRRRRRRR

  2. Yike-a-roooney!!!! Those new banners are so darn perfect!!!! I would like one of each!!!!!! Perfect!! Also, I need my button! This is where you can say...yeah, yeah, as soon as I get my FFA book!!!

    Loved the pictures of your dear wee one with the tulips!!!!!! Wish I could have gone to San Francisco with you guys...I love that place!

  3. Hi Ms... Heather..

    GREAT ATC Banner!!!! I can't WAIT to see it up close and personal.


  4. Hi! Just found your blog...I LOVE it. Your work is wonderful. Love your etsy stuff:) Bring your art journal and come on over to my blog...we just started a FABULOUS new challenge today. Hope you'll come play!

  5. Heather...the 'bliss' banner is gorgeous. those colors are delicious :o)