21 January 2007


Ok, maybe I have been a bit of a space case on this whole project. The timing of it all has been a but off but I really wanted to participate in the fat book for ArtFest. Its been hard locating the up to date files and I *thought* for some reason that there was no theme for the 4 x 4" book. I went ahead and worked this page up intending to use it.
Then I got to talking to Sharon who is also doing one of the fatbooks. She helped me find the guidelines and the theme is Mail Art... Ok, I have NO IDEA what to do for that! Had I know in advance I probably wouldn't have signed up but the theme wasn't announced til after. Anyway, because I was grouchy I tried to make the existing piece work in the theme. Here is where i am now and I am not convinced.
Should I leave it as is and start printing? Should I throw in the towel and start over and use this for my ArtFest ATC's? Can anybody think of anything clever in the "mail art" theme??

Looking forward to some feedback. And stay tuned.. tomorrow is another contest!!!


  1. I really, really like this. It's really funky, great colors and a very unique take on the theme. I say, keep it! It's fab:) I'll be at ArtFest too. Can't wait to meet you!!!

  2. I think it works for the theme! I love it too, so I would say stay with it!

  3. I like what you've done already ... but if you wanted to start over, could you do a play on mail art (MALE art)?

  4. Heather, this is fabulous. Anyone would be thrilled to see this in their chunky book. I think you did a fantastic job. You know, I wanted to sign up for a chunky book swap but found the sign ups confusing, etc. I haven't joined anything and hope I'm not too disappointed when I get there. I still plan on creating some charms and ATC's to bring. Any other swaps going on that you know of that I can still sign up for?

  5. i really like it too. i say keep it. :)

  6. I think this is fabulous and can't imagine it not being just fine for the book. One of these years I WILL go to ArtFest!