27 December 2006


Check out these three gals. They are currently vacationing down in Palm Springs with Joleen but will soon be on their way to their new homes ( except for Ava, the violet haired gal who lives with Joleen.) Ginger, the closest will be living here in Central California with me and Ashlette in the back will be heading home to her new mommy, Sharon. I think it was cool that they were able to travel together from Hong Kong and spend a little time together relaxing before the two headed on the last leg of their journey. I look forward to seeing Ginger and will be welcoming her to her new home with some new duds that are in various stages of completion.

In other Blythe news, I have received the hooks and a batch of mohair to begin the rerooting of my AB's hair. Greg has agreed to assist me with removing the scalp (the part I am most worried about) but first I have to clean and dye the mohair. I will maybe work on that over the weekend.

Blythe fashion pix coming soon...

PS: Kim, did you get one yet??!


  1. Heather what are you talking about ?

    YOu could do some "kick ass" journaling !

    ( I dont know where Kick Ass came from ... laughing...but there it is!)

    Anyway, I look forward to your journaling.

    Love the Blythes !

  2. "vacationing" in Palm Springs...that is cute !

  3. ha! love this.. "from the blythe traveling diaries". ;) they'll be on their way tomorrow before we head out. "ginger" can't wait to meet you!! xo

  4. you have to tease me now dont you!!!no, i havent yet but i am suspecting that i will and sandy will join me in making a purchase..i am so interested on the hair redo that you are doing, cannot wait to see how that all pans out..

  5. Oh, boy, oh boy! I cannot wait to meet my new girl! They look so darling all together, and well-rested from their vacation in Palm Springs. I have already begun working on a new wardrobe for Ashlette. I can't wait for her to try on her new clothes!

  6. I cannot wait to see the Blythe fashion pix!!!!

  7. ohhh....I want a vacation in Palm Springs, too !!!! I can't wait to see more of the girls !!!