25 December 2006

back to Mac

I was pretty much born and raised an Apple girl, but shortly after I met Greg I was lured to the dark side with a video game that required a PC. Since then I have owned a PC desktop which was replaced with a laptop about 4-5 years ago. During that time I always kept my old Apple PowerBook but used it less and less as I got more proficient with Windows. As Portals grew and my digital graphics increased I experienced (and voiced) more and more frustration with my PC.

Last night Greg and I exchanged gifts and I was extremely surprised to find this in my lap! I am back on a Mac and so far it is great. Its like coming home again and I am sure it is going to mak emy digital life soo much easier. My Dad loaded all the software I use regularly and all of my drivers for my printers and camera and everything before I even got it so that is super cool. Now I have to back up and burn CDs of my photos and things I use a lot (like bookmarks) to put on here.

I am so excited!! THANK YOU Greg ( SHMILY) and thanks Dad!!


  1. That is so cool!!!! and guess what? My Mom is going to get a computer and my husband recommended an Apple/Mac, we are going to the store this weekend so the salesperson can tell us all about it, but now I can bug you even more than I have in the past! You can be my Apple girl AND my banner girl!!!! Aren't you just thrilled!!!!!

  2. Yay for you! :D Congratulations!

  3. Ohh you lucky duck!! Happy New Lap top to you!! : )

    Hope your holiday was lovely!!

    Wishing a very happy, healthy, Fabulous, New Year!!

    xoxo Jenny!

  4. What a great present!!! Am sure you will really enjoy the Mac!!

    Brand new toys are so much fun too :)

  5. Niiiice ! Welcome back Young Skywalker....Yes Apple is GOOD !

  6. welcome back to mac!!!
    (as I sit in bed with my mac book pro)