29 December 2006


CRAP! I am so cursed I tell ya! What did I go and do today? DROPPED my NEW CAMERA! And YES I BROKE IT!! ARGH! Now I need to mail it off to Canon and wait for the bad news.. I hope they can fix it and its not going to cost more than a new camera.. again.

I am going to try to go pull the images off the memory card with my printer's card reader so I can share my Blythe fashion pix.


  1. Ah My Child...wait for the GOOD news.........

  2. i am so sorry that this happened. i will sending good vibes your way, focusing on some good news for you.
    p.s. i think i am in danger of falling in love with the blythe dolls. my daughter saw a pic you posted and is still talking about it. i think we may be in trouble!

  3. THAT IS SO ROTTEN!!!!!! Man, that must have caused a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach! I am so sorry that happened to you! I hope the Blythe pictures are saved...that is one of the things I am excited to see!! Good luck with this poopie problem!

  4. I feel for you!!! I hope it doesn't take too long to get your camera back--at least you aren't dealing with Fuji!! (got a new camera for my b-day 5 years ago and it didn't work. It was bought online so we had to send it to Fuji. Took a month for them to fix and it still didn't work. I had to fight with them to send me a NEW one. I finally got to use my camera after three months of waiting.)
    It will be cool to see pics on your blog again!