30 December 2006

Blythe fashion show

Well, I only managed to get shots 3 outfits before dropping my camera (thanks for your support BTW) but I did have success in sucking them off the memory card thru the printer to my computer so I have a few fashion shots to show you. I figure I can take stills with my digital video camera if I can find the manual and see how to do it... I will try, for you, my loyal viewers and friends.

Anyway, here is Aubrey sporting a lively, felted pink leopard print skirt with matching beret. The brooch can be removed to wear on a coat.

growl wild_child

Next we have a flirty, pink dress accented with a pink carnation hair adornment. This poor Blythe doll doesn't have a name because I had intended to customize her. However, after using her as a model and sewing for her I find myself getting more attached to her. In addition, I have been reading up on customizing and actually opening the heads and I have learned that the new Prima dollies are easier to work with. SO, since I have yet to actually MEET Ginger ( Joleen are they on their way??) and I am not attached to her, I think she will be my guinea pig for my first custom work.
New dress

Hence, here is the third and final outfit for this evening. Our lovely blue haired girl is modeling a demure, garden party skirt in white with pink dots, rick rack and sweet eyelet lace trim.

flowers for you

Obviously I was in a pink mode but my other pieces were in greens. I hope to get them finished up and photographed for you soon.

Hopefully we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming (mixed media) in the next couple of days. I actually HAVE been working with paper and stamps and glue but nothing is scanned yet.


  1. Your girls are gorgeous!!!!! Love looking at these pictures!!! Thanks!!! Looking forward to Blything through you!

  2. How CUTE! THaey made me smile this morning!

  3. Along with your many other talents, now you're a fashion designer !!! Too cute by the way !!
    I haven't scanned the cover page for you yet, but it's on my list of things to do...I just wanted to make sure you knew that I hadn't forgotten about you !!! And I'm so happy that Portals is almost done...but you sound like you are working your butt off....remember to take a little time for yourself. And now on top of it, the whole camera thing....you need a spa day !!!!