26 October 2006


The mixed media works in progress on my table are in the form of magic wands! Here are sneak peeks of two of them that are not quite finished but I hope will be this weekend. I really need to dig in to the Alphabetica journals that I have here but no clear cut ideas have formed yet.
Love_ wand
It feels good to be wading through my To Do list, with projects checked off and things going in the mail. I have some things to list on Etsy, which I was actually doing tonight when it went down for maintainence! Grrr. So those things should be listed in the next few days... and maybe these wands will be completed so they can be listed too.

Now I am off to work on another WIP- that tutorial on wee collages you asked about.


  1. I love the wands! those are so amazing. I can't wait to show them to my daughter when she comes home from school!

  2. You are doing awesome with the Mixed Media!! I hate it that we aren't doing the same things any more! :( But I'm having fun with my knitting and have picked up my beading again

  3. Oh my!!! The new banner is awesome!!!! I love it!!! The wands are fantastatic!!! That first wand? The image of the lady? Where is that from? It looks like it was done by one of my fave vintage postcard artists Cecilia Shand http://www.russh.u-net.com/

    Love your work on these wands!!!!!!

  4. omg! i so love your new banner, it is really beautiful..you work some serious magick!

  5. how incredibly FUN!!! they are beautiful!

  6. Heather....love the wand! Anything princess is pretty big at this house. We have alot of little princesses at the present...with one being born just this morning:-D I am so thrilled that you will do a banner for me......also, I will give you the moon if that is what you want. I am a complete idiot when it comes to the language of my friend the computer! Send me your email and I will send you a note......thanks, Linda (one happy camper)

  7. I love what you did with the wands! I purchased a wooden star-tipped wand for my daughter before she was born, intending to personalize it for her before she came along. I still haven't even started it yet. I look at it every day and wonder what to do.

    Your wands have inspired me to start thinking seriously about that wand again...now that my daughter is over 1 year old!

    Great work! And I love the new blog banner!

  8. Very Very fun! Cannot wait to see more!! ...love your new banner as well!! Soo cheerful!!

    Have a fab weekend!!
    xoxo Jenny