25 October 2006



I had forgotten about these pictures in my camera. I shot them at the DeYoung museum earlier in the month. This was an unusual sculpture in their sculpture garden, which was H's favorite part because she could TOUCH them. We had fun exploring this sculpture and it made for some interesting photos.

I have been working on some new blog banners but due to blogger being down earlier I will be waiting to upload them til tomorrow. I will post links until then.

Thanks to those of you who commented on my 100 squares. I made a few more today so I could take pictures of the process and make a little tutorial for you. I will try to get that put together in the next couple of days and post it. I see another swap in out future!!

Good night...


  1. Love your daughter and sculpture picture!! I loved the DeYoung Museum when I was able to go there in the early 1980's!

    I am totally hepped up about the tutorial!!!!! I will be checking back every two minutes for an update! Hope blogger cooperates today!!!

  2. it's so hard to believe H and N are a month apart...When I see pictures of her she looks so grown up!! She's Beautiful Heather!