24 October 2006

98, 99, 100...

100 squares!

Wohoo! Today I FINISHED my 100 squares for the swap on Altered Art Obsession. These are all 1 x 1" square, mini collages and each had to include an image and a word. I will get them packed up and mailed off to the hostess and then wait eagerly for the returns. It was fun, these are really challenging but oh, so addictive. (to see more detail, clcik on the image and view full size)

In addition to these little guys I have also been doing some digital work.. new banners for blogs...

I am in process for new looks for Lori, Shari and Holly so stay tuned. Its late here so I am off to bed. More fun pix tomorrow!


  1. Your 1 x 1's are so cool!!!!!!!! I think they would be quite a challenge!! Anxious to see what you get in return! Also, CAN'T WAIT to see more banners!!! Woohoo!!!!

  2. I just thought of something else! I am going to print out just my banners from your photo stream and then put them in a safe place for all time!!!! How exciting!

  3. Okay, last comment, I promise! I just looked at your favorite 1 x 1's up close! those are so cool!!! Is it easy or hard to find images that small? Did you make them smaller? How did you do your backgrounds? Could you do a blog entry about this whole process? Very intriguing!

  4. Holy cow girl! That's impressive!

  5. Oh my gosh!! They are amazing!! What a great swap idea - but 100! The ideas are just great! I love the new banners you are working on! If you get the urge to play with bits of beads and fiber, I'm game!
    Cheers, Denise

  6. Wow! What dedication! These mini collages are amazing. I hope you are celebrating!

  7. Oh Heather, LOVE the cool squares!!! I am interested to know what you will do with the ones you receive in this swap. Maybe make a large collage with them? Your new banners are exceptional too!!! I have visions of creating a new one for each season, but at the rate I'm going, I probably should focus on winter rather than fall!!! Thanks for all the info. Now I just need to find the time to play!

  8. these are so amazing, Heather!! What an undertaking for sure.

    I just may take you up on your banner offer. I have been meaning to re-do my blah one for months and never seen to get to it. Then, I did fiddle with a new one and used PSE magic eraser on a b/w line drawing to get the background transparent. But then couldn't get it to work and be transpaprent on the final piece. rambling....LOL

  9. Woweeee!! AMAZING!! They look INCREDIBLE!! What eye candy!! Really Really impressive! thanks so much for sharing!!

    Love your work, blog, world!!

    xoxo Jenny..a fan!

  10. OMG! You really went hog wild on this challenge! Fantastic!


  11. Love these Heather! I'm in this swap also and have yet to get started! Must work on this over the weekend. Yours are just gorgeous!

  12. wow, these little works of art AMAZE me! that does sound challenging. so teeny but so pretty! very inspiring photo on your blog.