27 October 2006

an unexpected (but good) mail day...

Soooo, do you remember these?
WISH- adopted to Tracie- Thanks!!

IMG_3693 beaded face
Yeah, they were for a swap hosted by Mamarox. I did an idiot thing and sent them to what I THOUGHT was her current address (NOT). Not only did I mail to an old address but I forgot to put my return address on them as well. So, needless to say I missed the deadline. Fortunately the Post Office decided to open my envelope and I had a self addressed envelope in there so they sent them back and I received them today. BUT, I don't really want them since I made several others at the same time... what I WOULD like is to swap them. It doesn't have to be a beaded item but can be, or something you made.. or some fun ephemera. Email me or post if you are interested...

In other FUN mail, I received THIS today:

It is a wonderful collage by the fabulous DJ Pettitt. ( I love her!) I won it in a little contest she had on her blog and the funny thing is that I didn't even know I had won until my new friend Shari, mentioned that she had won one. I visted Ms DJ's blog and found I had won one too! THANK YOU so much DJ. I LOVE it!!

I am still working on my tutorial but I did post a new banner for the lovely Holly. Check out her amazing art on her blog.



  1. Heather... I am SUPER fond of your Blue Wish Pin.. would LOVE to trade if you would like...


  2. I'll trade with you Heather! I made a conscious choice not to be part of that this year but I tell ya, I was sure sad not to play! I'll bead you somehting beautiful!!!
    Cheers, Denise

  3. you know i would love to trade also..just let me know!! i just adore my banner and will got to my blog just to look at it!!!

  4. ps...i love the angel one..

  5. These are all great, Heather.