02 October 2006


Even when the Zines roll off the presses and are mailed to their new homes, the work continues behind the scenes. I have spent this evening trying to figure out what is going on with our home page and blogger and why they aren't communicating. We appear to have a problem server side which is keeping our blog from updating. (It is also why I have been posting updates here rather than there!) My Dad/web master/ printing guru is not seeing the issue so hopefully we can hammer that out in the next week.
In addition to trouble shooting (apparently not very well), I finally updated DID our links page with all of our wonderful advertisers. There are some great & very creative folks there so be sure to check them out. I will be adding some other more personal and inspirational links to our About page which will be next on my HTML to do list.
Good News!! In case you haven't heard, Joleen and I have decided to reprint issues 1 & 2 due to many requests. Most are done and I expect to be able to pick them up on Thursday when I return from San Francisco. I will then be listing them on our Buy It page for those who missed an issue as soon as I have them in my hot little hands!

No art from me today. I spent the afternoon packing up Portals orders, but I DID finally get my Sally Jean order!! Check out this cool little vintage button charm with the AWESOME soldering job. Some day I hope to be able to solder like this!
Sally Jean button


  1. get her new book, pretty little things!! it is so inspiring and she shares so much knowledge so we can all be our own sally jeans..although i would be called kimmie ann..lol

  2. Heather! I love Portals so much! I have been showing the current issue to my buddies at work and it is especially fun since I am in it!!!

    I love, love, love that button charm!!!! Very inspiring!!!

  3. Ohhh Yayyy!! Back issues!! I am sooo excited!!! Cannot wait!!! Thank you! Thank you!!
    xoxo Jenny a HUGE fan!

  4. Wow NICE SJ Charm...and yes ! that soldering is to be ascended to - amazing --- you are right !

    Good luck working out your web thing...I am looking at installing a new hard drive. Computer woes here....

    Portals looks great.