01 October 2006

now we are six...

SIX, I say.. October is my Blog-o-verSARY !! I can't believe its been six years.

Somewhere back in 2004 I deleted a bunch of stuff and started anew with the intention of recording the growth of the wee one. That sort of fell by the wayside as far as WRITING about her milestones and adventures but there have been plenty of pictures. Check out this cute one that Joleen took when she was here.
Not a whole lot of much going on today. Greg is still partying it up in Vegas and the weather was crap so we went to a friends house for some football and playing. We headed home to get warm and cozy when it began to rain.

Here is a picture of my first batch toward my "100 Squares" for a swap project I am participating in. It seems that all of a sudden these wee bits (1" x 1") of art have hit the mixed media scene showing up in blogs all over. Check them out here and here.
some of my 100 squares
click this to see these bigger!


  1. dogfaeriex510/2/06, 6:19 AM

    very cool, if i didnt have so much going on this month i would had joined this swap also! i t will be very cool to see the finished swap project!!

  2. Cute pic of your munchkin. Those must be the infamous "pink boots", eh? Too cute.

  3. hi! added u to my bookmarked fav. thinger and wanted to de-lurk up front. dig the pink cowgirl boots!