30 September 2006


I was able to spend an hour or so with my soldering iron today after doing some research last night. The reading was very handy but I am so limited in availability of supplies here so I had to order some things online. I did work on some of the things I had wrapped though, figuring that some folks like the "rougher" look of the solder, especially on the more vintagey looking charms.

These initial charms are for a swap I am in hosted by the lovely Kim of ArtDog'sLife. From the top they look great ( they aren't completely done!) but the backs are not very smooth. I am guessing that its because of the large expense of tape to cover, that it won't stay hot enough to get a good flow of solder. I believe I need a chisel tip for my iron and maybe even a hotter iron. I ordered a book which I HOPE will help and I certainly welcome any advice from seasoned solderers out there.. anyone??

Here are some holiday charms I am doing for some smaller crafty fairs and my Etsy shop this coming season:


Let is Snow

snowman bubble


  1. I took a soldering class with Sally Jean about a coule years ago-the Lighthouse.

    She recommends a Weller 100 with 3/4 inch chisel tip. It's what she uses. My dh bought me one for my b-day and it's the perfect amoung of heat for charms. Also, she said FLUX is your friend-more flux, smoother application of solder.

    Hope that helps! :)

  2. Holy cats look at all those typos!!

  3. Hey there!!! Jenny is the name...and "lurking" has been my game!!! My goodness..had to tell you how much I adore your stuff..and Portals..and Joleen...you gals are so fab!! What an inspiration!! The cover of Portals 2 turned life upside down for us!!...You can read about it on my blog if you wish...Just looooved the color palette and whole vibe!! missed out on it...but saw fab pics on blogs!!...loving your new pieces..and can't wait to own some of your work!! I look forward to visiting daily!! Thanks bunches for the eye candy!! Best Wishes! Happy Fall! Happy Crafting!! Happy Blogging!!
    XOXO Jenny...a FAN!

  4. Heather--i am really liking the looks of these---especially the flat clear marbles with letters. wow!! i really like those!

  5. I find that the lead free solder does need a hotter soldering iron, and I happen to love the Inland Temptrol 100-Watt iron with the built in temperature control dial so you can make the iron hotter or cooler as needed. It has worked much better for me than the Weller 100 which seems to fluctuate in temperature too much. I also teach students to really let the iron sit on the solder and let it pool up and melt before trying to spread it at all. That gives a nice smooth surface. I use a chisel tip but often like the 1/8th inch one the best. If you need any other information, just ask!

  6. oH Heather ! just seeing this post !

    Your charms are coming out adorable.

    Well I don't see any thing wrong with the soldering you have done ! looks pretty great to me.

    I keep hearing that you should use lots of flux. I have been using the non lead kind of solder....not as nice a finish but my lungs are okay with that.

    These will definitely make perfect touches to the swap pieces.

    Love, S.

  7. Have you ever thought of investing in a soldering pot (where you melt solder bars in the pot) and then you can just dip items in it for a good overall coverage?

    I had contemplated getting one myself ... but haven't yet. It is a much better alternative then using an iron & larger chisel tips. And is much faster & convienent.

    I just thought I would mention it.