27 September 2006

The adventures of Joleen & Heather...

soldered marbles

This past weekend Joleen came up to visit and assist in assembling issue #3 of Portals. Its always so good to see her and I miss her terribly when she leaves. Even though there is a marked age difference we are at similar points in our lives and share so much in common. I feel like we can talk about anything and for the most part we work easily together.

While Joleen was here we talked about a lot of things, including the future of Portals which still needs some fine tuning but we also discussed some other potential projects to work on together. We still need to map out these items but we are both excited at the prospects.

The day after Joleen got here we headed to San Juan Bautista for some shopping and photography. We love visiting the mission because it is so beautiful and is also the spot of our "Portals door."
ivyed door

In addition to a yummy Mexican lunch and photography at the mission we enjoyed some thrifting and shopping. I picked up these fun tins for use in my class with the O'Brien's at ArtFest.

Thrifted Tins

Sunday we headed to my Dad's to assemble the Zines. It was the best assembly we have had to date and was actually kind of fun. We finished up much earlier than anticipated and headed on home with a quick stop at Michael's for supplies. They had all of their Halloween stuff out and among the fakey pumpkins were these darling Wizard of Oz themed ones. I just love the tin man!!
If I only had extra time...

When we got home we decided to dig out my soldering supplies. I knew where they were but was very rusty from not having soldered for 2 years since the B got mobile. I gave Joleen a quick ( tho sloppy) lesson and we were off. I created the two bubbles at the top of this post though I scorched the paper on the "H" a bit and I also made this wee lad. I think he is really cute despite the blobby solder. (technical glitch) Joleen made 2 really cute pieces too which I hope she will share soon.


I am due to see Joleen in November when we head down south ( I hope) but I might have a treat and get to see her in a few weeks for an event in San Francisco that we both want to attend. Keep yer fingers crossed, I sure am!


  1. Great job on all the soldering! The bubbles turned out nice. :)

  2. The baubles are cute as cute can be! DId you see most people are not going to bring charms as their trades for AF? I love this idea-I am going to start working on mine now!! :)