07 October 2006

September Favs

No pictures today so I am sharing my latest set of favorite photos from other Flickr users as eye candy. We spent a beautiful, fall day today running some errands and fixing up the wee one's wagon for our annual Rennaisance Festival jaunt tomorrow. We have been taking the B since she was 6 weeks old in a Baby Bjorn and this year she finally gets it and is excited to go. We will be attending in costume as usual and she will be sproting a new faerie outfit.

I will get pix of the wagon tomorrow with its new red paint job and custom canopy with roll down sides! Maybe a snap or two of us in our faire finery.

I am off to attampt a bloggie hack thanks to some tips from Mamarox. Stay tuned...

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  1. SO are you linking this beta thing? I am going to probably wait till they tell me I can switch. I don't want to lose my archives.