06 October 2006


For some reason Blogger Beta is really fighting me uploading my banner image and sidebar images. I will keep at it and hopefully they will show up soon.
For Laura, who asked what beta is.. blogger is offering up a beta (experimental-new) version of blogger for users to sign up for. If you switch over you have access to their new editing tools which features drag and drop placement of page elements and more "automated" tools for updating such things as links, etc. The thing is, if you switch and don't like it, too bad, you can't go back.

Last night, amid a cloud of fatigue, I took the plunge and as my files were onverting over a friend told me the horror story that you don't want to hear.. how someone switched and lost EVERYTHING! Well, I was lucky and the switch over went well. I still have access to my old template and I am playing with the set up. I hate that blank space at the top of my blog but hopefully Blogger will play nice and let me upload something.

In the meantime I was able to work woth Hope to get the blog issue fixed over at Portals today! I swear, I just don't know what I would do without Hope's tech support. I would be much balder for sure...
so now we will be updating the Portals Blog with Portals exciting news such as this:
click it to make it big!


  1. Hi Heather!! That is so totally cool about the Portals zine for everyone at Artfest!!!! What a great opportunity! Everyone who receives one will love it!! I am so happy for you and Joleen!!!! Great news!

  2. there is a problem with changing your old banner to a new one and changing profiles pics..they are aware and eventually everyone that uses blogger will have to make the change..

  3. Oh my gosh Heather & Joleene that is so exciting! I can't wait to see it and get mine in the mail!


  4. It's looking good- you're so brave!

  5. Hi Heather,

    Your blog looks great on my Mac.
    I also made the switch yesterday. I am hanging in there with Blogger, but I am seriously tempted to go to Typepad. Some of my pictures don't upload and these kinds of things keep happening too often.....very discouraging. I like the new features though.
    It is Mo Beta for sure.