19 October 2006

fun mail!

Frame by Corey Moortgat

LOOK what I got in the mail! I had ordered this frame some time ago and I just got it from Corey Moortgat in the mail. Its to go in the wee one's room. I think it will accent the limey green and yellow in there nicely. I love it so much that I want to get another larger one for the living room when poor Corey gets all caught up on life. If you aren't familiar with Corey's work, check out her blog and her picturetrail. She is so talented and I love her work. I am super excited too because she is currently working on a book amongst other things ( a new baby!)


  1. wow, she is good!! I know I have seen some of her work before somewhere....

    thanks for posting. I will be eagerly awaiting that book of hers!!!

  2. The frame looks fantastic!
    Gives ideas and inspiration too, thank you for sharing it...

  3. I ordered one from Corey also and I just love it! She IS Great!!!! She isn't blogging enough for me....I miss her:-D Like she doesn't have enough on her plate!