18 October 2006

back to it...

My family is back from their adventure to MN. It was strangely odd yet refreshing to be alone, at home, for 5 days. I did have quiet time and also some quality time with girlfriends. We stayed up too late one night sampling chocolatey martinis and eating random food items, watching 80's videos and sappy movies. It was nice to have some fun, NON-KID time with them as well as myself.
Believe charm
My Dad was released from the hospital last Friday. I met him on his way home and then he came over for a while on Satursday morning and gave me another mini soldering lesson with the correct flux! I busted out my Dremel tool to aid in polishing the finished pieces as well. I have listed a handful of charms on my Etsy shop with more to come. I am also working on some other items for the shop too!


  1. These charms are really cute.

    Glad to hear that your dad is better and even came over ! I know how tricky stents can be and when I did not see a post for so many days..I started to worry.

    Chocolate Martini's and Girl Time !!

    Sounds so fun...

    Good for you . As hard as it was to be apart from your peeps , that must have been well deserved time for you. Nothing like Girlfriends to revive you too.

  2. Michelle Johnson10/25/06, 8:32 AM

    I have been working on soldered projects for about 6 months now. I use household cleaning wipes to clean my finished project (3 pack from Costco.) Also, try using a sanding block (I buy mine from a scrapbook store) to sand the edges of your solder, it works great and is very easy to control. Although, my 14 year old daughter likes the unsanded look better. Good luck!