09 July 2006

wheee, ugh and phew!

We had a really fun weekend at my BIL and SIL's. We went up yesterday to take turns wrangling toddlers while the guys went to see Pirates of the Caribbean... Dead Man's Chest and then swapping places with them so the girls could all go. We really enjoyed the movie though we thought they probably could have edited it down to 2 hours ;) Johnny Depp was silly and we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. It was really hot but we headed back to BBQ at the house while the kids played and we drank coconut rum and pineapple juice cocktails (argh!). After putting the kidlets to bed we played some games and visited, then we attempted to sleep with the fan blowing on us to cool us off. I missed my A/C! This morning we took the kids to Happy Hollow and then returned home for naps. My SIL and I were picked up by our friend and the gals headed off for a Camera Cinema Club event. This was my first time going and unfortunately the movie they screened, Six Figures, was BAD. It was slow and pointless and we left wishing we had done something else. It was still fun to have soem NON whining time away from the kids. We headed back to find the kids and Daddies at the community pool having a great time. We eneded up staying up there much later than we expected. How nice to escape all the stress and frustration of the previous week.

When we got home, I logged in to check my email and was extremely shocked and shaken to find that someone had managed to hack into my eBay account, list and sell 17 computers in the UK! The good thing was that no money had changed hands from what I can tell but my box was CRAMMED full of emails asking various questions, requesting shipping costs, etc. I managed to get a live person to assist me at eBay and he immediately reversed all the action on my account and emailed all the high bidders. I had to change all my passwords (ugh.. but you should do this regularly) and everything is ok now. ( pheeeww!)

I'd feel weird not posting at least a couple of pictures in my blog so even they are irrelevant to the post I will share soem pictures of the farbic I scored in WA while at AFF. Some of it was from the cool store, Pacific Fabrics & Crafts in Issaquah which had pajama party and sale while we where there, and some of it was from my friend Laurie who brought me some fun packets of goodies. ( Laurie, I mailed yours off yesterday!)
Brown & Aqua redux  tiny treasures
AND check out these fun treasures I picked up at the Fremont Street Fair:
Fremont finds

As usual, click them to make them bigger. I am off to finish my book ( My friend Leonard) and will post more eye candy tomorrow!

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