07 July 2006

it gets me through the day...

Yes, its been a day.
It never did get much better after my post this morning. I know some days are like that. I am thankful that the terrible two's aren't always TOO terrible but I do sometimes lose my cool and feel like I am going to end up in the looney bin. When things calm down, as they inevitably do, I find that I beat myself up and feel guilty for getting impatient and angry and wanting to just walk out the door. I know in my head that these things are normal. No one is perfect and being a full time Mom is hard but my heart aches when she stops and says, "I love you Mommy, you're my best friend." Lately her behavior has been along the lines of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. One day she is sunny and sweet, spouting things about snuggling and being cozy, lots of hugs, kisses, helping and listening while days like today she becomes and child possessed by demons. Even the (seemingly) simplest of tasks is a battle; getting clothes on her is a wrestling match, there is yelling, whining, throwing of tantrums and toys.
I am working on my patience, I don't think I will ever be GOOD at being patient but I think I am getting better. I guess the cute and sweet moments are made to offset the bad so you will still be in love with them and not ship them off in large moving cartons with a tub full of goldfish crackers.. and of course there are always the moments like this:
wee faeries


  1. She is so precious! And just think of it this way,,this is just good training for when she becomes a teen-ager,,instead of the "terrible twos" it becomes the "terrible teens",,lol. Beleive me,,you need alot of patience for those years!

  2. i ditto what beth said...love these years because the teens are the worst, aaargh!! my daughter was an angel when she was small and when she was in her teens, she was a hellion....you can do it!