07 July 2006


...and I don't mean that in the exciting, Pirates of the Carribean is starting today way either. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to go see Johnny Depp as Cap'n Jack Sparrow tomorrow, but today's "argh" comes in frustration of a grumpy, difficult, head strong toddler who had way too little sleep last night. I am at the breaking point.. do I choose tears or alcohol?! The comment I have heard most today is "Mooooooooooom" in the whiniest, most annoying tone you have ever heard. I am sorry to vent, I am at my wit's end and no one is around to share my sorrows.....


  1. UGH! I'm so sorry! I hope things get better the send half of the day. *big hugs*

  2. ~well, fill up the tub with bubbles throw her in and have a glass of wine while she plays and put your feet up on the commode~
    tomorrow is another day!*!*!*!*!

  3. I totally agree with dogfaerie, let splash and you enjoy a nice glass of something.

  4. lilia Meredith7/7/06, 4:30 PM

    Oh Ive had a week of that Heather! I know what You mean, usually I choose the bottle, but thats not always a good idea because you stil have to wake up with them in a worse mood! Hang in there and Mr Depp is starting to look like the way out..... get a sitter. Good luck....-Lilia

  5. I don't think this will make you feel any better...but sometimes I still hear that "Mooooooom" noise from my 18 year old. Most recently, the couch she ordered for her new apartment didn't fit up around the corners of the stairs going up to the 3rd floor and they had to take it back to the store. My phone rings and yep...."Moooooom"......the couch didn't fit....now what ??? At least at 18, she thinks I'm a miracle worker since I was able to get a different couch for her. So I'm as good as gold for at least a week...before I hear "it" again.

  6. When my kids say "Mom" to much, I have them call me "Maija"!
    They think it's funny and it relieves some of the tension from the insipid whinning!