05 July 2006

cute kitties and Zine woes

comfy Zoe

Figure I better butter you all up before I share yet MORE bad news!
THIS is my kitty Zöe looking uber cute and cuddly on her cat tree. She was peeking down at me as I worked away on my computer this evening. She really isn't as innocent as she looks. She bosses the dog around and has the most whiney meow. We call her the "evil noodle." She does have her good side though. She snuggles up to me when its cold, is a nearly permanent fixture on the arm or back of my chair and checks on the wee one every night before we turn in.

Ok, so now the unfortunate news. PORTALS is cursed! I learned upon my return from AFF that the toner supplier had cancelled my order so I had to order more from a different supplier. It finally arrived, I am all set to go print and the damn thing is printing huge red lines on every page!! So, now I am waiting for the replacement part as I am slowly printing copies at home on my laser printer so we can start sending SOMETHING out! Ugh. I swear.. this issue is WORTH the wait and we are more anxious than you are. In other Portals related news, I have been slowly reworking the website and the order page is working once again. We have sold nearly 3/4 of the limited 100 issues so if you want to get yours, don't wait!


  1. Now thats one happy cat,,,love cats! Going to go order your mag too. Hurry up and get your printer fixed as I can't wait to get it,,lol.

  2. super cute kitty. :)

    woe is us with the printing..lol

  3. Hang in there girls! I know it will be worth the wait!!

  4. Zoe is adorable. I had a tiger tabby just like Zoe, called Muffin. We enjoyed her for 17 yrs. Every time I see a a tabby like this it brings a smile to my face.

  5. I am so lucky !

    Sum Buddy named KIM ordered me a copy of Portals...!

    But you sound like your hair might be falling out over this Portals ! you Poor Dear ! I will appreciate my issue all the more knowing so much has gone on behind it !

    I dont know how you are doing all of this and being a MOM too...I am in awe.

    As for Zoe ! she is perfectly wonderful and you really are LUCKY to have that looking over you while you work.

    Zoe is a delight. I hope to find more pictures of this POSER in the future!

    Love, S.

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