03 July 2006

things that make me happy...

Its the little things really:

- a morning with my little family playing.
- treasures from friends.
bunny pin
- getting the new Cloth Paper Scissors in the mail (NOT 3 weeks after everyone else)
- my box of AFF goodness FINALLY arriving. (pix coming)
- learning that Sally Jean has a book coming out SOON!

- a clean studio
- new toys
post AFF treat
- funky (bargain!) jewelry
new bling
- Time to enjoy it all.


  1. Love the green ring

    oooo you got those cavallini stamps !!

    Sally J. has a book coming out ?

    Super Sweet !

    I always like coming here !

    Just the name Booby Fish makes me smile anyway!

  2. Hi Heather, Just stopping by to say hi! It was nice to meet you at AFF though it was too brief. I posted a photo on my blog of the pins you traded - hope that's OK. Looking forward to Portals #2!