10 July 2006


OK, I promised a little eye candy today so check it out! Since taking Pam's "Flights of Fancy" class at AFF the wheels have been turning and I have been working on fun banners. I made a single one for a friend which I will post below (so don't look if you want to be surprised Laurie!) and this fun JOY one in purples. (weird, since I RARELY use purple) I am working on another one in blues that should be done tomorrow. It will be listed in my Etsy shop along with JOY whih was listed today.

More bad news for Portals printing. The part didn't fix the problem on the big copier so I am going to continue on printing at home which is soo slow but at least progress! The orders continue to come in. I know I speak for us both when I say THANK YOU to all of you who have waited so patiently for this one. In speaking to my Dad the other day, he asked why we don't offer a digital copy for download. I think its a stellar idea and we will look into how to do that soon. I can see it saving a lot of time and money for all parties!

Anyway, about the banners. The one above is made with smaller triangles. The whole thing measures just about 24" with a 6/5" drop. The "O" has a little clothespin so you can attach a photo, word, or quote to make it a bit more personal. It hangs with cotton seam binding and is for sale here.

This one, is for my friend Laurie who I met through Flickr and then had the pleasure of meeting in person at AFF. She is the one who brought me a bunch of fun fabrics and other goodies and this went into her return goodie package from me. It has paper and fabric (picked up in the AFF Altered Asylum room) in addition to glass glitter and a vintage ticket. Fun!


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  1. Your dad had a great idea in offering the zine as a download. Think of all the work it would save you. I think it would still be worth the same subscription price and would save you the work of postage. Or you could offer both options? Anyhoo, just thinking ... BTW, love the new banner. I think I need a vacation and that place looks inviting!