27 June 2006

home again


I am home from AFF. I arrived last night from an amazing 5 days in WA with old friends and new ones, fabulous classes and tons of inspiration. I had to ship a bunch of stuff home and I caught a cold on the plane so I am lagging a little. I will have more to share in both experiences and pictures soon.


  1. hi there,
    what a lovely blog, hope you enjoyed yourself at artfest.
    did you do the DJ p's course?
    joan in italy

  2. please try the stuff called "airborne" it will take your cold away!! it work miracles..you can also get it at walgreen, it is called wal-borne..we swear by it..at the first sign of feeling bad..it is all natural..it is wonderful!!! get some rest!!! cannot wait to hear about the AFF...

  3. Hi Heather....
    I hope your cold is feeling better. I caught one at AFF too... I felt it coming on as we were packing the car, and by the time we were home I was FULL to the tip top with it.

    Ahhhh... but AFF was worth every sniffle!!

    : )

  4. Hey Heather!

    Can't wait to see and learn what you did at ArtFiberfest! I've missed you alot!

    Take care,

  5. Waaahhh!! I MISS YOU!

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Summer colds are just the pits!