29 June 2006

AFF part 1

Hello friends,
I bet several of you have been eagerly awaiting my report from AFF, and I have remained silent, until now...

I caught some nastiness (sinus infection.. yuck!) on the plane and simple have not had the energy or desire to do much of anything other than sit here and hope the pain would go away and I could breathe.

I feel like I am having a bit of post AFF let down. I already miss my friends, old... Joleen, Dot, Carol, Lelania and new... Laurie, Jen, Kate, Deb and so many more, I can't name them all... its hard being back in a place where I do not feel like I fit in, where people do not "get" my art when mere days ago I was in a place where I was surrounded by immense creativity and inspiration, all shared and given so generously.

As I mentioned before, I had to ship home a box of treasures. I am still waiting and hope it will arrive tomorrow or Saturday at the latest so I can take pix and share them with you. I DID carry home my class projects though, so those will be the first things I share!

On Thursday I took the "Flights of Fancy" class with the super fun and talented Pam Garrison. The first day we were there she stopped me and Joleen in the hall by saying "Hi Joleen!" We looked at her with questioning glances (like idiots?)until we
saw her name badge and realized who she was. It was like finding a long lost friend at that point and our friendship continued to progress over the weekend. Pam's class was really laid back and fun. She is a wonderful teacher who is very open and sharing in her tricks and techniques. I made this lovely banner as a sort of play on our last name. I am so tickled with it and can't wait to make more:
BLOOM banner
click to enlarge

The second day of classes, Joleen and I both took Traci Bautista's class "Butterfly Journals." Talk about messy! Too bad we didn't take pictures of our hands, Joleen's were dyed pink for days! Anyway, this class was really fast paced and we learned alot of different techniques. Unfortunately, neither of us actually finished our books but mine is close. I just need to attempt to do the macrame binding.

click for enlarged images

The last class I took was "Travel Chic" by DJ Pettitt. DJ is a fantastic teacher who taught us soo much but in a relaxed atmosphere. She was very organized and so giving of her ideas and support. I would take ANY class she offered! Due to the complexity of this class and the fact that I only had my mini sewing machine with me, I didn't finish this project either. The fused piece is to be incorporated into a purse and with SJ's great directions I am confident I can finish it up on my own.

DJ's class
DJ's class
click to enlarge, worth the look

All in all, I had a great time. I learned alot and it was so great to meet so many like minded people. I can't wait to go next year!

Mini report...
Janome Mini!
Many of you asked for a report on the Janome Mini. It traveled well! At only 5 pounds and a smaller size it easily packed in my art bag and yes, I checked it! There were not problems. It chugged along in both Pam and Traci's classes and worked fine for the light (fabric only) work in DJ's class. It was not strong enough to sew through the fused layers that made up the outside of the purses. I used my machine to sew thru canvas paper, various papers and fabrics, sometimes in layers and it worked just find. It is slower than most larger machines and has its own unique "voice." I think it worked well for the money and purpose I bought it for. I would not buy it in lieu of a full sized machine but its a great additional option for more "crafty" useage.


I just became aware of this website on the link between Cervical Cancer and HPV. Many of you may have seen this campaign in the news and know about the importance of awareness and early treatment. Most of you are NOT aware that in my 20's I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, requiring surgery on more than one occassion. I was constantly worried about it reoccuring and my ability to have a child since I no longer have a full cervix. Needless to say, we were extremely relieved to find out we were expecting the wee banana. I hope you will visit and learn a little bit. You can also order a FREE bracelet kit!


  1. Aw man!! I can't wait to see pictures from you and Joleen and Carol and Dot!! I love this post! I could feel the creative energy from your art Heather!! Doesn't a weekend away make you wish you lived on a compound with artsy people like that!! Hurry up boxes! I wanna see more pictures!

  2. hope you are feeling better, cannot wait to see your treasures!!!did you get your package from me?


  3. The best post I've read all day. I loved seeing your class projects!! I can really relate to 2 things you mention. One is living in a place far away from the creative people who inspire you. I live in rural Iowa and feel awfully lonesome creatively some days. The other is your cervical cancer. I had a similar experience in 2000. It was the scariest time of my life. Thank you for sharing today!!

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  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure at ArtFiberFest!